2001 Mini-Reunion, April 27-29, Orlando, Florida

The weekend began with cocktails in the lounge of the Embassy Suites location on T.G. Lee Boulevard near the Orlando International Airport.  Hosts Jeanne and Jack LaPointe had the group over to their house on Friday night for pizza.  After  breakfast at the Embassy on Saturday morning the group drove  to the 3rd Spring Nationals Carshow at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.  The show featured 1500 hot rods, customs, classics, muscle cars and trucks on view.  We had dinner at the Embassy on Saturday evening.  Guests of honor were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rusch.  Ray is remembered as one of our favorites among the faculty at Hicksville High  when we were in school.  He subsequently became principal.  He retired  in 1981 and is living in Florida where he plays golf "three times a week."  On Sunday, the reunion finale included lunch at the Rainforest Café in Walt Disney World Village.  Among the highlights of the weekend, Roseanne Roland and Barbara Beck kept everyone in stitches with their non-stop standup humor!  If there were an MVP award for the weekend, I would vote that it should be shared by Rose and Barbara.  Accompanying pictures are by Carol Erlwein, Jeanne LaPointe and myself, Gene Yetter.


1. The gang on Sunday at Walt Disney World Village.  Left to right: Barbara Beck, Jack and Jeanne LaPointe, Carol Erlwein, Pat Greenidge, Roseanne Roland, Jim Armstrong, Barbara Plaia, Jerry and George Beck, Ray Bianco, Bob Stermer, Beth Bianco, Joyce and Mickey Anglim.

2. Cocktail hour at the Embassy on Friday.  Pat and Ray.

3. At the LaPointe's home on Friday night.  Left to right: Mickey, Jack Roberts (Class of 1957), Chuck Erlwein, Beth, Joyce, Jeanne, Pat, Jim, Pat Roberts, Gene Yetter, Jaws.

4. Beth and Carol at the LaPointe's.

5. The carshow on Saturday.  Hot rods, customs and classics as far as the eye could see at the County Fairgrounds.  Left to right: Gene Yetter, Jack Roberts, Joyce and Mickey, Jim, Pat Roberts, Ray, Pat Greenidge, Barbara Plaia, Carol Erlwein, Beth Bianco.

6. Jack Roberts, Chuck Erlwein, Jim Armstrong, Carol Erlwein (background) check out this beautifully restored 1937 Cord.  Pat scans the landscape for another interesting show car.

7. Guests of honor for dinner Saturday night, Edna and Ray Rusch.  Ray, left; Jeanne, and Mickey and Joyce.

8. Jack, Roseanne, Beth, Pat Roberts.

9. Jack and Pat Roberts, Barbara, Gene, Jerry and George Beck, Roseanne.

10. Edna and Ray Rusch, Jeanne and Jack LaPointe.

11. Roseanne and Gene share a banana mousse.

12. After dinner on Saturday night, the Reunioners drove to Church Street Station, the happening nightspot in downtown Orlando.  Stopping in at the local Hooter's Restaurant, they toast all who have a 60th Birthday this year . . .

14. . . . Including Gene.

15. Barbara and Jim by the fountain in the main lobby and dining area of the Embassy on Sunday.

16. George and Jerry Beck take a turn posing by the fountain.

17. Catching up with the gang were Bob and Linda Stermer.

18. Tropical drinks.  One more for the road on Sunday afternoon at the Rainforest Café.