1999 Reunion

This page displays 51 photos and they will take a while downloading.  If you are connecting by dial-up on the public telephone system using a 56k modem or less, the wait will be rather long.  But your patience will be rewarded!  Last names are noted at first appearance in the set or until first reasonable identification.  Please make suggestions as to the remaining unidentified alumni.  Photographers include Mike Anselmo, Joyce Anglim, Carol Erlwein and Eileen Toscano.


1. Kent Stephenson, Roy Fricke, Bob Otten, Mike Anselmo

2. Lillian Kuhlman Orofino, Jeanette Martello Lupis

3. Joan Gabriel, Carl Probst, Jim Rady, Mike Sherin

4. Jed Schaiman

5. Robert Bloeth, Danny Moscato, Joyce Clements Anglim, Jean Goettelmann LaPointe (turned away), ?,  Mickey Anglim, Janet Luna Marcus, ?, Ronni Gardner, Fran Tallarico, Sheila Tallman Frey, Bob Stermer, Liz Quinones Serrano, Rosemary O'Rourke Woytowitz, Mike Anselmo

6. Phoebe Oliver Rey, Jeanne

7. Liz (Quinones) & Frank Serrano

8. Leo Kanawada, Mickey Moszkow, John Pizzariella, Bob Casale, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bloeth, Joyce Clements Anglim

9. Mike, Danny, Joyce, Mickey Anglim, Janet, Red McHugh, Ronni, Fran, George Beck, Robert Stermer, Phil Lomenzo

10. George, Mary Calisano Sherin.

11. Joanne & Jim Rady, Janis (Cornwell) & Marty Polsenski.

12. Arthur Leo, Mickey Anglim, Fritz Pawlitschek, Bill Fink, Leo, Gene Yetter.

13. Sheila.

14. Tony Prete, Bill, Murry Dalaimo, Paul Hauf, Chuck Gemuendt.

15. Ronni, Chuck & Joan Gemuendt.

16. Danny, Mike, ?, Mickey, Jed, Janet, Arthur, Bob, Richie Kunz, Tony Toscano, Chuck.

17. Mary, Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson, Leo.

18. Barbara Beck, Jeanette, Carol Wills Erlwein, Jeanne Goettelmann Lapointe

19. George, Jed, Bob, Arthur Isaksen, ?, ?, Richie, Bill, Gene, Tony, Chuck Mabie, Marty, Chuck Gemuendt.

20.  Jeanette, Joyce.

21. Gene, Jimmy.

22. John and Barbara Giuliano, Joan Gabriel

23. Joyce, Eileen, Tony, Pat, Janet

24. Bill & Monica Ross

25. Gene, Janet

26. Murry, Tony, Mike

27. Bob & Renee (Siegel) Moses

28. Liz, Joan, Pat Hanley, Renee, Pat, Fran, Rosemary, Antoinette, Ghyll Owen Simoneschi, Connie, Celia Verde Davis, Marge Garman McKeon, Joyce, Eileen, Janet, Ronni, Sheila, Ingrid Stockle Kunz, Jeanette

29. Ray Bianco, Jimmy Armstrong, Red McHugh, Junior Pearsall

30. Bob & Janet Marcus

31. Ray and Marjorie (Beth) Reilly Bianco, Claudine

32. ?, Carl, Mickey, Joan

33. Gene, Phil Ferro

34. Tony, Renee & Bob

35. Arthur Isaksen

36. Bill, Joyce, Gene, Mickey

37. Tony Toscano, ?, Barbara Molinaro

38. Barbara, Sheila, Pat

39. Dorothy Anselmo

40. Barbara Frank, Jeanne, Sue Krex Howard

41. Connie, John, Phil, Leo

42. Barbara, George, Fran

43. Ingrid & Richie, Eileen & Tony

44. Sheila, Liz, Rosemary, Ghyll, Richie, Mike, Tony, Eileen, Chuck

45. Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Mabie, Herb & Rose (Dinora) Schweitzer

46. Phil, Bob, Pat, Danny, Mike, ?, Joyce, Chuck, Mickey

47. Jimmy, Ray, Beth

48. Jeanette, Joyce, Judy Strehl Rijke

49. Jeanne, Richie and Judy Huttle Profee

50. Richard Mato, Jim Poitras, Chuck Gemuendt, Artie Leo

51. Year 2000 Megareunion: Betty Ann Caesar, John Lorenzo