Class of 1959 Alumni that attended the Oct 3 Reunion.





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Joyce (Clements) Anglim
Michael Anselmo
Ike and Marylin Barrocas
Thomas and Jerrilyn Bean
Barbara Beck
George Beck
Elizabeth Berning
Judy Blecker Plavnick
Brad and Lenore Boos
Fred Cancilliere
William and Trish Christensen
Phil DeVincentis
Herb and Rose (Dinora) Schweitzer
Claudine (Dold) McSweeney and guest
Judy Engel Lombardi
Marion (Fedor) and John Vrablec
Philip and Pam Ferro
William Fink
Jack Flynn
Kenneth Foran
Barbara (Frank) Plaia and Joseph Plaia
Francine (Frankel) Rousselle
Karen (Fredericks) Varellas
Roy and Ting Fricke
Roseanne (Fucci) Roland
Michael Fuchs
Joan Gabriel
Ronni (Gardner) Izzo and Marilyn
Phil and Marge (Garman) McKeon
Walter Gaylor

Lilian (Giller) Gordon and Alan Kohlwes
Walter and Janet (Goodrich) Ulinski
Lynne (Grupp) Evans
Patricia (Hanley) Heeger
Paul and Camille Hauf
Patricia (Heid) Schedel
John Holst
Edward and Dee Jacquemin
Barbara (Jones) Leedy
Leo and Carol Kanawada
Gerard and Athena Keena
Veronica Kibler Quinn
Michael and Charlene Knox
Sue (Krex) Howard
Lillian (Kuhlman) Lundergren
Richard and Ingrid (Stockle) Kunz
William and BettyLou (Lanner) Ayres
Jacci LaSalle Gallucci
Paul and Phyllis Lehrer
Henry and Trish Lichtenstein
Philip Lomenzo and Joyce Hunter
Richard and Dorothy Mato
Jeanette (Martello) Lupis
Frank and Raylene Messina
John and Barbara (Molinaro) Burns
Dan and Cheryl Moscato
Mickey and Diane Moszkow
Joseph and Anita Naso
Rosemary (O'Rourke) Woytowitz
Vito and Ghyll (Owen) Simoneschi

Delores (Pasca) Filandro
Mildred (Palladino) Kemmet and
Bill Palladino
Fritz Pawlitschek
Junior and Cathy Pearsall
John Pizzariella
James and Joyce Poitras
Martin and Janice Polsenski
Dominick and Virginia Posillico
Tony and Sue Prete
Carl Probst
Ray and Beth (Reilly) Bianco
Bill and Monica Ross
Andrew and Jeanne (Saeger) Powell
Michael and Mary Sherin
Edward and Jane Stone
Tony and Eileen (Walter) Toscano
Toni (Tellender) Townson
Pat (Uvino) Greenidge
William Van Cise and Cheryl
Hank and Joyce (Van de Merlen) Landau
Norman and Celia (Verdi) Davis
Carol Wills Erlwein
Jack and Ginny Wyer
Gene Yetter
Antoinette (Zasa) Gentile
Lawrence and Patricia Zenzius